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Through your purchases, Hurn Events Management helps provide clothing, school supplies, education and volunteer hours to various programs we support.
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SAFE_logo.jpg Working with scientists, biologists and marine specialists; we help these programs save the animals on our Endangered Species and Threatened Species lists.

Using our planning programs, spending our time creating educational videos and going to schools to help educate our little ones. Taking the steps we can, on a daily basis, to help our Planet and it’s beautiful creatures survive and thrive.


bbbs-eoy-2016-logoWhile our children are the future, there are often little’s that do not have the support that they need to grow and spread their wings.

For the holidays we sponsor families and their kiddos for a magical Christmas.
Throughout the year we provide clothes, school supplies and the love that is needed by a growing mind.

This quote is so true! We always do a little happy dance here at headquarters. There is no sale that’s too small. Our products come from other small businesses, artists, parents, and young adults with dreams. When we sell something of theirs, we’re proud to help inspire and empower them.

In addition to selling for them, we coach them and share all the knowledge we’ve acquired and continue to learn. We give them the tools to one day out grow us!

We spend a lot of time trying to streamline our shipping processes. We look for Eco-Friendly ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and to make sure we’re sending your products in packaging that can be recycled and is often already recycled.

Our own offices and homes even, recycle and reuse. We use less energy and water. Only using what we need and saving the rest. We’re mostly paperless and you can often see our Founder and Owner walking outside just to pick up trash others have left.

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Hurn Events Management is all about empowering and supporting our team and giving them the time and space to keep their bodies healthy. We take care of SO many amazing couples. It’s important that their Weddings are perfect. We take care of our Corporate Event Clients and  we take care of all of our amazing online customers.

To ensure that we continue to give 110% in everything we do, means we also need to take the time to take care of ourselves. We support our employees and their families in whatever adventures they choose and provide discounted memberships to any CrossFit of their choice.

You’ll find our Founder at CrossFit Ohana, sweating with School Principles, Public Figures, Students, Teachers, Families and Hard Working Individuals.
By giving our team the opportunity to keep their bodies healthy, we’re helping prevent Metabolic Diseases, Type II Diabetes, and so many other ailments. We’re keeping their bodies from injuries and keeping the mobility needed to enjoy their time with their families.


We believe that we have a responsibility to give the world the best of ourselves and to make the world a better place.
We Give More Than We Take.

If you’d like to learn more, make a donation to any of these causes or if you’d like to help, please contact us:

Sending Good Vibes,
From Your Chaos Coordinators!!
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