Chaos Coordinator’s Wedding Planner

The Chaos Coordinator’s Wedding Planner is the top of the line, extensive and comprehensive wedding planning guide. You’ll find worksheets, how-to’s and detailed guidance throughout the whole process.

With over 18 years of experience, mess-ups, failures and successes, you can imagine we have plenty of experience to share.

  • This book is for all the DIY, Type-A personalities that like to have control but still need some guidance. 
  • This book is for the couple that is busy, needs help and has a budget.
  • This book is for everyone, with my experience mixed in and tons of lists, check lists and templates.

Pair this book/planner with our Chaos Coordinator’s Wedding Planning Box. We promise this will be all the planning information you’re ever going to need!


Chaos Coordinator’s Wedding Planner

Chaos Coordinator's Wedding Planner. It's the perfect book/planner to help you knock your wedding planning out of the park! Pair with our Wedding Planning Box for maximum wedding planning success.